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It isn't often that Ryuk finds books that he likes that don't have a lot of pictures, but he's found some cute-freaky young adult novels that he thinks Misa would like.

And so he comes gliding into the main room, books under one long, skinny arm. "Hey, Misa! I found a present for yah," he says, looking around. Spying no sign of the Mansion's resident gothic-punk-loli, he'll headtilt. "Huh... she in room, makin' up her face or makin' up some new clothes?" Undeterred, he'll head back to search for her, sticking his head through the wall of her room. Not there, either.

Thus, he'll head out, scouring the Mansion for Misa, and gradually realizing she's nowhere to be found, his winged shoulders starting to droop in the process.

Looking for an L, though if anyone else wants to say hello to the mopey shinigami, feel free to tap the typist!

Date: 2013-07-03 11:08 pm (UTC)
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Having lost traces of Misa as well (he does like to stalk her, after all), L is looking for Ryuk, in fact.

The truth is, he's already come to the only logical conclusion, but he wants confirmation.

And so at some point or other, from a crouching position, the sound of an apple crunching, and a sedate voice.

"Hello, Ryuk."

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