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Ryuk has been puzzling over yet another conundrum: this whole mushy thing called love. He knows Misa is hoopey over Light, even though Light seems only half interested in her. And he, Ryuk, knows there's something he likes about getting hugs from Misa, he's just not sure what it is.

So he decides to go to his source for explanations of human behavior. But this time, he decides to bring along a gift: while exploring the attic, he'd stuck his head into a trunk containing a box of jewelry, likely costume stuff, but he's not one to know the difference. And so he's roaming the Mansion, carrying with him a box containing what could pass as a sapphire necklace with two matching bracelets and a tiara set with more sapphires.
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Ryuk has settled into a rough routine: when he isn't lurking around Light, or people watching in the main room or the library, he's been prowling around in the evening, looking for Pandora. He's not sure why, but he really digs her: she's opened his eyes about a few things and while the experience is unusual, he likes it. She's one of the few beings he's ever met who seemed interested in him as a being, and not for his Death Note, which is a novel experience in and of itself. Maybe that's why he wants her to have it. It would get it away from that wack-job Mikami. And he doesn't want to think of what that pale guy with the glasses and the freaky date of death would do to him to get it.

Thus he's hovering around the hallways of the Mansion one evening, peeking into rooms by sticking his head through walls, looking for Pandora.

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