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The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer. Even the darkness seems deeper than usual. Ryuk has been been taking advantage of the shadows to lurk and watch people going about their business, but there are two people in particular he's been wanting to see, the snarky lady who finds him amusing and the disheveled detective whom he observed for so long. And so, he'll go in search of them, gliding along the walls and perching on tops of high shelves and bookcases or other tall bits of furniture to take in the room before gliding off on the hunt...

Title nicked from "This is Halloween" from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" soundtrack. Looking specifically for L and for Ines, but if anyone wants a spooky shinigami, feel free to tap the typist!
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He should have known that being a spy would involve some strange stuff, but he didn't expect the discovery he'd hit upon.

In the course of spying on the Warden, for Ines, Ryuk has had his weirdest discovery. Something that has quite simply broken his rather simple brain. He knew humans were weird by shinigami standards, but he didn't think they were *this* weird.

He's currently hiding on top of one of the cabinets in the main room, muttering to himself, some untouched apples next to his head as he lays with his spidery legs and arms dangling down.

"This is just damn weird... this is just too damn weird..."

Looking for an Ines (though if anyone else wants a Ryuk, feel free to tap the typist)! And there will be quite weird revelations from the weirded out shinigami....

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