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We're not sure how it happened. Maybe it's the Mansion playing hob with Ryuk's looks. Maybe it's some unconscious wish come true....

But one morning, Ryuk realizes he's been sleeping, something he hasn't ever done before. But there's more to it: when he looks down at himself, he looks different. At first, he wonders if he's switched bodies with Light somehow, but the skin is all wrong.

He hops down from the cabinet on which he was curled up: taking the drop is a little tougher than it looks, minus his wings, but he makes it easier than he expected.

"Whoa, dig this bod!" he says.
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Light has given Ryuk his blessing to court Misa's attentions and keep her busy. Ryuk, curious about this whole romance-lovey-dovey stuff is happy to have this permission.

He's gotten a box of chocolates from the Plothole and a bunch of flowers randomly picked from the garden. Right now, he's at Misa's door, tapping it with one foot, since his hands are full.
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Ryuk has been puzzling over yet another conundrum: this whole mushy thing called love. He knows Misa is hoopey over Light, even though Light seems only half interested in her. And he, Ryuk, knows there's something he likes about getting hugs from Misa, he's just not sure what it is.

So he decides to go to his source for explanations of human behavior. But this time, he decides to bring along a gift: while exploring the attic, he'd stuck his head into a trunk containing a box of jewelry, likely costume stuff, but he's not one to know the difference. And so he's roaming the Mansion, carrying with him a box containing what could pass as a sapphire necklace with two matching bracelets and a tiara set with more sapphires.

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